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"The question I am trying to answer through painting is: If I imagine my psyche is like a wall in a room what would this look and feel like? How would the walls of a human psyche shift in appearance over time as life unfolds and leaves impressions that stay with us as time moves on? I connect my artwork to the physics of space and natural weathering processes as I believe it is likened to how a human mind is imprinted with beliefs formed by life's events. I call these cave paintings because, they connect me to an ancient process of evolution and to my ancestors attempt to document it along the way by making art. Yet, my use of an architectural, geometric canvas combined with the medium of artificial acrylic paint reminds that I am inevitably tied to the times I live in. I am balancing the awareness of where I've come from with who I am becoming as time passes. The expansive and monumental quality of these works are meant to envelop the viewer. My hope is that in their presence one can experience a repose from the over stimulation of modern consumer culture. ” - Jordan​ Guzman

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