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Jordan Guzman was born in Kissimmee, FL and currently resides in Pompano Beach, FL. Her parents immigrated to New York from Central and South America in the 80's. Upon their arrival, her father, a spiritual seeker started his own commercial and residential painting company and her mother became an early childhood educator. They've maintained these vocations since before Jordan was born and this has deeply inspired her to become an artist and educator. Jordan's profound curiosity about the human condition combined with her talent for transforming her emotional intensity into art and soulful communication has naturally led her to positions of leadership. She remains a student of life, using all that she's learned to grow in empathy and to grow more skilled in helping others connect more deeply with themselves. 

"My creative process is exploratory, experimental, and investigative in nature. I seek to understand how humans create family lore to remain together while simultaneously going through the individual process of psychological differentiation from our family of origin. I think critically about how the many identities I was birthed into evolve over time as I expand my definition of what it means to be me. It's the content of my art. What goes and what stays as we grow from child to adult? What identities and roles did my ancestors need to fill for survival that I no longer need to fill? The seemingly compartmentalized use of styles and mediums are symbols for how many different aspects of consciousness can come together to illustrate a personal and universal coming of age story. My art is created to provoke contemplation on the delicate, yet profound connections made between family, upbringing, home, and the self. " - Jordan, Existential Alchemist

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