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Being an Artist vs. Honoring your being

Long before I have the words to define shifts in my perspective I can sense the undercurrents of change in my being.

In this case, it is the idea of “being an artist.”

What does that mean?

In my teens, I said it wasn’t a matter of if I was going to be an artist but when. In my mid twenties, I became aware that I was born an artist and I didn’t have to wait until a future time to “be an artist.” I’m interested in living a creative life.

Now, another added layer, I’m also interested in defining my success in life in general as one where I’m honoring the creative impulses I have. Being eager but cautious. It’s continually asking myself,” Is this right for me? Why am I doing this?”

It’s insisting that I do things my way, in the perfect time for my particular path. It’s not just about what I want to be but being centered here and now. That kind of goal is beyond attempting to achieve an elusive title.

My goal isn’t to attain more, sell more, have more eyes on me. It’s to live in my truth. It’s to honor and share my gifts and talents. It’s to build a spiritual practice that keeps me acting from a place of inspiration not from a place of lack or competition or insecurity-ego.

I‘m an artist but beyond that I’m an extension of the life force that creates beauty, oneness, and order amidst apparent chaos. With that definition, who cares about titles.

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